Manage newsletters with SubscriptionZero

I built SubscriptionZero because I was subscribed to a lot of newsletters and I was missing important emails. I needed something to manage my newsletters.

An app to manage newsletters
This is how SubscriptionZero manages newsletters

There are tons of services out there that allow you to unsubscribe to newsletters in bulk, but SubscriptionZero is different. I’m not trying to make you read less newsletters, I’m trying to make you read more.

I love newsletters, and I think a lot of people do too. Newsletters have gotten bad reputation because some people abused it, but there are still some exceptional newsletters out there that are bringing great value to the table.

And I wanted those newsletters to stick around, so I made SubscriptionZero.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account with SubscriptionZero
  2. Get a randomly generated email
  3. Sign up to future newsletters with that email
  4. Login and read all your newsletters on SubscriptionZero

Users can also migrate their current newsletters. Each user has a migration email address. Whatever you forward to that email gets automatically added to your account.

This means SubscriptionZero does not have to request access to your mailbox. This is something I wanted to achieve from day one.

If you want to manage your newsletters, you’re at the right place. Click here to get started.